About Me

IMG_1047The Mangums  Sue (that’s me), Libby, Chase and CJ (From left to right)

In October of 2009 I lost my husband, Mike, quite suddenly to an aortic aneurysm. We had been married for 16 years, but dated 6 years prior to marriage so were together 22 years. I was 41 when this happened and the person I had loved for more than half of my life was gone in an instant, leaving me alone with 3 young children to raise and a struggling small business to operate. My world came crashing down and life as I knew it ended. But because of the people around me and an innate yearning for happiness, I slowly rebuilt a “new normal” and a stronger self.

Mike in his typical coaching stance

Mike in his typical coaching stance


Now years later I am remarried and chasing after a life long dream of writing.  In these blogs I hope to help those of you walking in the tunnel of grief. I hope to lift your spirits, make you laugh and cry, but mostly help you discover a new powerful sense of self.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day


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